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Frisco Centennial0000W 00
Frisco Heritage0000W 00
F. Independence0000W00
Frisco Liberty0000W00
Frisco Lone Star0000W 00
Frisco Wakeland0000W00
The Colony0000W00
Little Elm0000W00
Week 1
Aug 31 ThursdayFrisco Cent0Royse City0
F Independence0Rich Pearce0
Frisco Liberty0North Garland0
Frisco Lone Star0NRH Richland0
Sulphur Springs0Frisco Wakeland0
Little Elm0Justin Northwest0
The Colony0North Crowley0
Sept 1 FridayLucas Lovejoy0Frisco Heritage0
Week 2
Sept 6 ThursdayFrisco Heritage0Dallas Wilson0
Frisco Memorial0F Independence0
Denton0Frisco Lone Star0
The Colony0Frisco Reedy0
Sept 7 FridayLake Dallas0Friscon Cent0
Frisco Wakeland0Rich Pearce0
NRH Birdville0Little Elm0
Carr Creekview0Frisco Liberty0
Week 3
Sept 13 ThursdayHighland Park0Frisco Lone Star0
McKinney North0Frisco Wakeland0
Sept 14 FridayFrisco Centennial0D Bishop Lynch0
Red Oak0Frisco Heritage0
F Independence0Denton0
Frisco Liberty0Sherman0
Keller Central0Little Elm0
Byron Nelson0The Colony0
Week 4
Sept 21 FridayFrisco CentennialXByeX
Frisco HeritageXByeX
F IndependenceXByeX
Frisco LibertyXByeX
Frisco Lone StarXByeX
Frisco WakelandXByeX
The ColonyXByeX
Little ElmXByeX
Week 5
Sept 28 FridayFrisco Cent0The Colony0
Frisco Heritage0Frisco Wakeland0
Frisco Liberty0F Independence0
Frisco Lone Star0Little Elm0
Week 6
Oct 4 ThursdayF Independence0Frisco Heritage0
Oct 5 FridayLittle Elm0Frisco Cent0
The Colony0Frisco Liberty0
Frisco Wakeland0Frisco Lone Star0
Week 7
Oct 11 ThursdayFrisco Liberty0Frisco Cent0
Little Elm0Frisco Wakeland0
Oct 12 FridayFrisco Heritage0The Colony0
Frisco Lone Star0F Independence0
Week 8
Oct 18 ThursdayFrisco Cent0Frisco Heritage0
Oct 19 Friday F Independence0Frisco Wakeland0
The Colony0Frisco Lone Star0
Frisco Liberty0Little Elm0
Week 9
Oct 25 ThursdayLittle Elm0F Independence0
Oct 26 FridayFrisco Lone Star0Frisco Cent0
Frisco Heritage0Frisco Liberty0
Frisco Wakeland0The Colony0
Week 10
Nov 1 ThursdayFrisco Liberty0Frisco Lone Star0
Nov 2 FridayFrisco Cent0Frisco Wakeland0
The Colony0F Independence0
Frisco Heritage0Little Elm0
Week 11
Nov 8 ThursdayFrisco Wakeland0Frisco Liberty0
Nov 9 FridayF Independence0Frisco Cent0
Frisco Lone Star0Frisco Heritage0
Little Elm0The Colony0