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2018 Tournament of Champions

     41 of the Top 150 Rated Players Are Participating in the Tournament

35 of the Top 154 Incoming Freshman Are Participating in the Tournament

Games live on and on TSRN’s I-Phone App

Day Time Team Vs Team Site Listen/Watch
   Day 1        
Fri 10am Northeast Vs Wharton San Jac Watch
Fri 10am NW Florida Vs Blinn UH Listen
Fri 10am Howard Vs Chipola Sam Hou Listen
Fri 10am Midland Vs Alvin Alvin Listen
Fri 1pm North Central Vs Wharton San Jac  Watch
Fri 4pm McLennan Vs Midland San Jac  Watch
Fri 6pm Chipola Vs San Jac UH  Listen
Fri 6pm Blinn Vs Northeast Lamar U
Fri 6pm Grayson Vs NW Florida Sam Hou  Listen
Fri 7pm McLennan Vs Howard San Jac  Watch
   Day 2        
Sat 9am NW Florida Vs McLennan San Jac  Watch
Sat 9am Grayson  Vs Chipola Lamar U  Listen
Sat 9am Ark Baptist Vs Alvin Alvin  Listen
Sat 9am Galveston Vs Midland Galveston  Listen
Sat 12pm Navarro Vs Baton Rouge Galveston  Listen
Sat 12pm Wharton Vs Weatherford San Jac Watch
Sat 12pm Northeast Vs Laredo Lamar U  Listen
Sat 12pm North Central Vs Alvin Alvin  Listen
Sat 3pm NW Florida Vs San Jac San Jac  Watch
Sat 3pm Baton Rouge Vs  Odessa Galveston  Listen
Sat 3:30pm Chipola Vs McLennan Lamar U  Listen
Sat 6pm Howard Vs Grayson UH  Listen
Sat 6pm Wharton Vs Ark Baptist Sam Hou  Listen
Sat 6pm Odessa Vs  Galveston Galveston  Listen
Sat 6pm Weatherford Vs Navarro San Jac  Watch
Sat 7pm Laredo Vs North Central Lamar U  N/A
   Day 3        
Sun 9am Baton Rouge Vs Grayson San Jac  Watch
Sun 9am Howard Vs San Jac UH  Listen
Sun 9am Odessa Vs Navarro Sam Hou  Listen
Sun 10am Ark Baptist Vs Galveston Galveston  Listen
Sun 12pm Alvin Vs Odessa Sam Hou  Listen
Sun 12pm Laredo Vs Baton Rouge  San Jac  Watch
Sun 12pm Blinn Vs Weatherford U of H  Listen
Sun 3pm Navarro Vs Midland Sam Hou  Listen
Sun 4pm Laredo Vs Ark Baptist San Jac  Watch
Sun 4pm Northeast Vs Galveston Galveston  Listen
Sun 6pm Weatherford Vs San Jac Sam Hou  Listen
Sun 7pm North Central Vs Blinn San Jac  Watch


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