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San Jacinto vs. McLennan

San Jacinto Broadcast
NJCAA Division 1 Baseball World Series
Pre Game Begins at 8:25pm and First Pitch is at 8:30pm CST
Live From Sam Suplizo Field, Grand Junction, Colorado
Listening to Lynn Michaels and Jimmy Montgomery

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NJCAA Division 1 World Series
Saturday 10:00am CSTFlorence-Darlington TechMcLennanListenMcLennan 7-0
Saturday 1:00pm CSTIndian HillsCrowderIndian Hills 10-3
Saturday 4:00pm CSTShelton StateWalters StateShelton State 13-7
Saturday 8:30pm CSTMiami DadeSan JacintoListenSan Jacinto 11-3 (8)
Sunday 11:00am CSTCentral ArizonaCowleyCentral Arizona 12-4(7)
Sunday 3:00pm CSTFlorence-Darlington TechCrowderCrowder 9-8
Sunday 8:30pm CSTWalters StateMiami DadeWalters State 11-1(5)
Monday 11:00am CSTShelton StateSan JacintoListenSan Jacinto 11-10(10)
Monday 3:00pm CSTCrowderWalters StateCrowder 14-6(7)
Monday 8:30pm CSTMcLennanIndian HillsListenMcLennan 13-11
Tuesday 12:00pm CSTCowleyShelton StateCowley 24-14(8)
Tuesday 4:00pm CSTCrowderIndian HillsCrowder 12-8
Tuesday 8:30pm CSTCentral ArizonaSan JacintoListenSan Jacinto 7-4
Wednesday 4:00pm CSTCowleyCentral ArizonaCentral Arizona 12-8
Wednesday 8:30pm CSTMcLennanSan JacintoListenMcLennan 13-10
Thursday 4:00pm CSTSan Jacinto Central ArizonaListenCentral Arizona 11-10
Thursday 8:30pm CSTCrowderMcLennanListenMcLennan 15-5(6)
Friday 8:00pm CSTCentral ArizonaMcLennanListenMcLennan 7-3
ChampionMcLennan Highlanders