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Pre Game Begins at 5:55pm and Kick Off is at 6pm
Live From Challenger Stadium, Houston, Texas
Listening to  Lynn Michaels

Clear Brook0000W00
Clear Creek0000W00
Clear Falls00 00W00
Clear Lake00 00W00
Clear Springs0000W00
Week 1
Aug 26 ThursdayTexas City0Clear Brook0
Aug 27 FridaySanta Fe0Brazoswood 0
Aug 27 FridayManvel0Dickinson0
Aug 27 Friday Pearland Dawson0Clear Falls0
Aug 27 Friday Houston Sterling0Clear Lake0
Aug 27 Friday Clear Creek0Oak Ridge0
Aug 27 Friday Clear Springs0Katya0
Week 2
Sept 2 ThursdayDickinson0Ridge Point0
Sept 2 ThursdayDeer Park0Clear Creek0
Sept 3 Friday Baytown Sterling0Brazoswood0
Sept 3 Friday Friendswood0Clear Brook0
Sept 3 Friday Katy Tompkins0Clear Springs0
Sept 3 Friday Clear Lake0La Porte0
Sept 4 SaturdayClear Falls0Pasadena Memorial0
Week 3
Sept 10 FridayBrazoswood0Cinco Ranch0
Sept 10 Friday Katy0Dickinson0
Sept 10 Friday Deer Park0Clear Falls0
Sept 10 Friday Clear Brook0La Porte0
Sept 10 Friday Clear Lake0Texas City0
Sept 10 Friday Clear Creek0Channelview0
Sept 10 Friday Clear Springs0FB Elkins0
Week 4
Sept 17 FridayHouston Chavez0Brazoswood0
Sept 17 Friday Pasadena Dobie0Dickinson0
Sept 17 Friday Cinco Ranch0Clear Falls0
Sept 17 Friday Clear Lake0Channelview0
Sept 17 Friday Clear Brook0Channelview0
Sept 17 Friday Clear Creek0Channelview0
Sept 17 Friday Clear Springs0Channelview0
Week 5
Sept 23 ThursdayConroe0Clear Springs (ND)0
Sept 24 Friday Clear Creek0Brazoswood0
Sept 24 Friday Dickinson0Clear Falls0
Sept 24 Friday Clear Brook0Clear Lake0
Week 6
Sept 30 ThursdayClear Lake0Clear Springs 0
Oct 1 FridayDickinson0Clear Creek0
Oct 1 Friday Clear Falls 0Clear Brook0
Oct 1 Friday BrazoswoodXBYEX
Week 7
Oct 7 ThursdayDickinson0Brazoswood 0
Oct 8 Friday Clear Brook 0Clear Creek0
Oct 8 Friday Clear Springs0Clear Falls0
Oct 8 Friday Clear LakeXBYEX
Week 8
Oct 15 FridayClear Brook0Brazoswood0
Oct 15 Friday Clear Falls0Clear Lake0
Oct 15 FridayClear Creek0Clear Springs0
Oct 15 Friday DickinsonXBYEX
Week 9
Oct 21 ThursdayBrazoswood0Clear Springs0
Oct 22 Friday Clear Brook0Dickinson 0
Oct 22 Friday Clear Lake0Clear Creek0
Oct 22 Friday Clear FallsXBYEX
Week 10
Oct 29 Friday Clear Lake0Brazoswood0
Oct 29 Friday Clear Springs0Dickinson0
Oct 29 Friday Clear Creek0Clear Falls0
Oct 29 Friday Clear BrookXBYEX
Week 11
Nov 4 Thursday Brazoswood0Clear Falls0
Nov 5 Friday Clear Springs0Clear Brook0
Nov 5 Friday Dickinson0Clear Lake0
Nov 5 Friday Clear CreekXBYEX

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