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Bridgeland vs. Shadow Creek

Pre Game Begins at 6:55pm and Kick Off is at 7pm
Live From Freedom Field, Alvin, Texas
Listening to Jason Nichols 

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TSRN Live Stat Tracker

Pearland Dawson5030W518923
Alvin Shadow Creek1210W17565
Alief Taylor1211L15474
Alief Hastings1212W126105
Strake Jesuit1312L17999
Alief Elsik0202L21383
Week 1
Sept 24 ThursdayThe Woodlands3Pearland21
Sept 25 FridayShadow Creek21North Shore38
Sept 25 Friday Clear Falls7Pearland Dawson47
Sept 25 Friday Stratford31Alvin6
Sept 25 Friday Alief ElsikXBYEX
Sept 25 Friday Alief HastingsXBYEX
Sept 25 Friday Alief TaylorXBYEX
Sept 25 Friday Strake JesuitXBYEX
Week 2
Oct 1 ThursdayPearland Dawson34Cy Falls10
Oct 2 Friday Bridgeland27Shadow Creek21
Oct 2 Friday Alvin13FB Kempner33
Oct 2 Friday CE King42Strake Jesuit27
Oct 2 Friday Houston Memorial7Pearland28
Oct 2 FridayAlief HastingsXBYEX
Oct 2 Friday Alief ElsikXBYEX
Oct 2 Friday Alief TaylorXBYEX
Week 3
Oct 9 FridayAlief Taylor13Manvel35
Oct 9 Friday Pearland17Strake Jesuit7
Oct 9 Friday Alief Hastings0Pearland Dawson52
Oct 9 Friday Shadow CreekBYEAlvin / ElsikBYE
Week 4
Oct 15 ThursdayStrake Jesuit45Alief Hastings7
Oct 16 FridayPearland Dawson17Pearland6
Oct 16 FridayAlief Taylor41Alief Elsik0
Oct 16 FridayAlvinBYEShadow CreekBYE
Week 5
Oct 23 FridayAlief Hastings19Alvin8
Oct 23 FridayShadow Creek33Strake Jesuit0
Oct 23 FridayPearland42Alief Elsik13
Oct 23 FridayAlief Taylor0Pearland Dawson39
Week 6
Oct 29 ThursdayPearland26Alief Taylor7
Oct 30 Friday Alvin0Shadow CreekX
Oct 30 Friday Strake Jesuit0Pearland DawsonX
Oct 30 Friday Alief Elsik0Alief HastingsX
Week 7
Nov 6 FridayPearland Dawson0Alvin0
Nov 6 FridayShadow Creek0Alief Elsik0
Nov 6 FridayAlief Taylor0Strake Jesuit0
Nov 6 FridayAlief Hastings0Pearland0
Week 8
Nov 13 FridayAlvin0 Strake Jesuit0
Nov 13 FridayPearland0Shadow Creek0
Nov 13 Friday Alief Elsik0Pearland Dawson0
Nov 13 Friday Alief Hastings0Alief Taylor0
Week 9
Nov 19 ThursdayStrake Jesuit0Alief Elsik0
Nov 20 Friday Alvin0Alief Taylor0
Nov 20 Friday Shadow Creek0Alief Hastings0
Nov 20 Friday Pearland Dawson0Pearland0
Week 10
Nov 27 FridayAlvinXBYEX
Nov 27 FridayShadow CreekXBYEX
Nov 27 FridayStrake JesuitXBYEX
Nov 27 FridayPearlandXBYEX
Nov 27 FridayPearland DawsonXBYEX
Nov 27 FridayAlief ElsikXBYEX
Nov 27 FridayAlief HastingsXBYEX
Nov 27 FridayAlief TaylorXBYEX
Week 11
Dec 4 FridayAlvinXBYEX
Shadow CreekXBYEX
Strake JesuitXBYEX
Pearland DawsonXBYEX
Alief ElsikXBYEX
Alief HastingsXBYEX
Alief TaylorXBYEX

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