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Over 2,500 NJCAA athletic events will be live streamed this season
Sports Include Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Softball, and Volleyball
Encompasses over 60 colleges from 14 different states
Projected over 3.5 million unique viewers
TSRN emphasizes internet, digital tv, and mobile devices to maximize viewership
Every game is archived and is available to be seen over and over again with commercials


  – Why So Many People Watching?
          A: Over 90% of the players are at least 2-3 hours from home so their parents and family
members are unable to attend the games
    – Who Else Will Be Watching?
           A: Major League Baseball Scouts (baseball), NCAA coaches, high school coaches of
the players, officials, school presidents and administrators
  – Audience Demographics?
          A:  51% Male, 49% Female
   – What Kind of Commercials Will I Be Getting?
           A: They can range from  10-30 second TV commercials
 – Will My Commercials Still Be on the Archives?
            A: Yes
 – Are the Broadcasts Free to Watch?
          A: Yes, unlike many other streaming companies now, all of our broadcasts are free to watch

Advertising Opportunities

10-30 Second TV Commercials During the Game


Static Banner Ad Displayed During the Game


Sponsorship Levels
(Choose Which One Best Fits for You)


Tier 1
Entire Network
Over 2,500 Games
Every Sport Included


Tier 2
State Network
Pick a State to Solely Advertise In


Tier 3
City or DMA
Choose a Specific City to Market


Tier 4
Team Only
Advertise with a Particular College



Southwest Regional Map 

National Map

Sports Include Baseball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Softball, Soccer