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South Arkansas vs. Carl Albert State

NJCAA D2 Region 2 Baseball Tournament
Pre Game Begins at 9:55am and First Pitch is at 10:00am

Live From David Allen Memorial Field, Enid, Oklahoma
Listening to Justin Vander Veur

Thursday May 12th
NO-EnidEast CentralWatchNO-Enid 9-1
Thursday May 12th1:00pmCarl Albert StateWestern OK StateWatchCarl Albert 9-1
Thursday May 12th4:00pmNational ParkMurray StateWatchMurray State 5-0
Thursday May 12th7:00pmSouth ArkansasRich MountainWatchRich Mountain 9-6 (10)
Friday May 13th10:00amEast CentralWestern OK StateWatchEast Central 6-5
Friday May 13th1:00pmNational ParkSouth ArkansasWatchSouth Arkansas 14-4
Friday May 13th4:00pmNO-EnidCarl Albert StateWatchNO-Enid 12-2 (6)
Friday May 13th7:00pmMurray StateRich MountainWatchMurray State 9-0 (7)
Saturday May 14th10:00amSouth ArkansasCarl Albert StateWatchSouth Arkansas 11-3
Saturday May 14th1:00pmEast CentralRich MountainWatchRich Mountain 9-0 (7)
Saturday May 14th4:00pmNO-EnidMurray StateWatchNO-Enid 9-8 (10)
Saturday May 14th7:00pmSouth ArkansasRich MountainWatchRich Mountain 14-13
Sunday May 15th1:00pmMurray StateRich MountainWatchMurray State 7-4
Sunday May 15th4:00pmNO-EnidMurray StateWatchMurray State 15-9
Monday May 16th3:00pmNO-EnidMurray StateWatchMurray State 4-1
Murray State Aggies