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September 2022 Archives

September 1

Coatal Bend vs. Blinn (Volleyball)
Navarro vs. Wharton (Volleyball)
FB Bush vs. Magnolia West

September 2

Liberty vs. Concordia Lutheran
Montgomery vs. Barbers Hill
Tomball vs. Magnolia

September 3

Temple vs. Wharton (Volleyball)
Coastal Bend vs. Northeast Texas (Soccer)

September 6

Coastal Bend vs. Lee (Volleyball)

September 7

Coastal Bend vs. Paris (Soccer)
Blinn vs. Lee (Volleyball)
Victoria vs. Wharton (Volleyball)

September 8

Grayson vs. Seminole State
San Jacinto vs. Connors State
Seminole State vs. Cowley
Cowley vs. San Jacinto
Connors State vs. Grayson
Klein Collins vs. Summer Creek
Clear Springs vs. Klein Forest

September 9

Western OK State vs. Panola (Baseball)
San Jacinto vs. Crowder (Baseball)
Panola vs. Crowder (Baseball)
Seminole State vs. San Jacinto (Baseball)
Alvin vs. Coastal Bend   (Baseball)

Fulshear vs. Magnolia

September 10

Jacksonville vs. Coastal Bend (Soccer)

September 13

Trinity Valley vs. Lee  (Volleyball)
Panola vs. Wharton  (Volleyball)
Navarro vs. Coastal Bend (Volleyball)

September 14

Spartan Post Grad vs. Angelina (Game 1)
Spartan Post Grad vs. Angelina (Game 2)
Coastal Bend vs. Angelina  (Soccer)

September 15

Alvin vs. Galveston
Coastal Bend vs. Alvin
Coastal Bend vs. Galveston
Panola vs. Coastal Bend (Volleyball)

September 16

Wharton vs Mountain View (Volleyball)
Navarro vs. College of Southern Idaho (Volleyball)
Lee vs. Temple (Volleyball)
Panola vs. College of Southern Idaho (Volleyball)
Lee vs. St Johns River (Volleyball)
Wharton vs. Blinn (Baseball)
Blinn vs. San Jacinto (Baseball)
Wharton vs. San Jacinto (Baseball)
Bellaire vs. Lake Creek (Football)
Montgomery vs. Argyle (Football)
Magnolia vs. Terry (Football)
Lutheran South vs. Concordia Lutheran (Football)

September 17

Lee vs. Cedar Valley (Volleyball)
Lee vs. Mountain View (Volleyball)
Panola vs. St Johns River (Volleyball)
Lee vs. College of Southern Idaho (Volleyball)
St Johns River vs. Navarro (Volleyball)
Trinity Valley vs. Coastal Bend (Soccer)

Sept 20

Tyler vs. Wharton (Volleyball)
Trinity Valley vs. Coastal Bend (Volleyball)
Galveston vs. Scout Team

September 21

Tyler vs. Coastal Bend (Soccer)

September 22

Wharton vs. Lee (Volleyball)
Tyler vs. Coastal Bend (Volleyball)
Lake Creek vs. Randle
Tomball Memorial vs. Klein Cain

September 23

Klein vs. Tomball
Klein Oak vs. Klein Collins
Magnolia West vs. Manvel
Angleton vs. Magnolia
Huntsville vs. Montgomery
Region 14 East vs. Region 5 West (Baseball)
Region 14 South vs. Region 5 North (Baseball)

September 24

2023 Black vs. 2023 Gold
2023 Silver vs. 2023 Gold
Region 5 West vs. Region 14 South
Region 5 North vs. Region 14 East
Blinn vs. Coastal Bend (Soccer)
Cisco vs. Wharton (Volleyball)
Cisco vs. Our Lady of the Lake (Volleyball)
Wharton vs. Our Lady of the Lake (Volleyball)
Waller vs. Klein Forest

September 27

Lee vs. Navarro (Volleyball)

September 28

Alvin vs. Galveston
San Jacinto vs. Alvin
San Jacinto vs. Galveston

September 29

Tomball vs. Klein Oak
Crowder vs. Cowley
Cowley vs. Indian Hills
Indian Hills vs. Crowder

September 30

Richmond Foster vs. Magnolia West
Magnolia vs. Friendswood
Klein Cain vs. Klein
Montgomery vs. Lake Creek
The Woodlands Christian vs. Concordia Lutheran

State Fair vs. Fort Scott
State Fair vs. NEO
Fort Scott vs. NO Enid
NO Enid vs. NEO
Lee vs. Coastal Bend (Volleyball)