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St. Louis vs. Crowder (Game 2)

Pre Game Begins at 6:55pm and First Pitch is at 7:00pm
Live From Roughriders Field, Neosho, Missouri

Saturday 2:00pmSt. LouisCrowderWatch Crowder 11-1
Saturday 5:00pmSt. LouisCrowderWatch Crowder 9-0
Crowder Advances
Thursday 12:00pmMineral AreaJeffersonJefferson 8-4
Thursday 4:00pmSt. CharlesCrowderWatchCrowder 13-8
Friday 12:00pmMineral AreaSt. CharlesMineral Area 4-3
Friday 3:00pmJeffersonCrowderWatchCrowder 4-1
Friday 6:00pmMineral AreaJeffersonJefferson
Saturday 12:00pmJeffersonCrowderWatchJefferson 12-11
Saturday 3:45pmJeffersonCrowderWatchCrowder 7-1
Crowder Roughriders